Monday, December 29, 2014

Scrub Daddy

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this product a 10+.

Now and then someone gives me something that is simply great.  For Christmas this year a friend gave me 2 Scrub Daddy 'sponges'.  I'm actually not sure if this qualifies as a sponge or not but I do know it is right up there with sliced bread.

This little cleaning tool works a couple of ways.  If you use it in cool water it stays firm.  Use it in warm water and it softens up.  This dual texture makes it more useful than any sponge I've ever seen.

Now does it work?  I've been using it with cool soapy water on my counter tops.  I hate to admit it but I've removed stuff that I didn't even know was there.  Don't get me wrong, I keep a clean kitchen but apparently the counters end up with a build up from cleansers.  I've also used it on my refrigerator door handle.  It's textured and no matter what I've sprayed it with it never seems to come clean.  Does now!  The door handle on my refrigerator looks new.

I'm now on a cleaning spree and can't wait to try this little smiley face on all kinds of things.

Almost forgot - everything washes off and you can even put it in the dishwasher.  Can you tell how much I love this simple little present?!  Now, where do you buy them.  Go to the Scrub Daddy site and you'll find where they are available in your area.