Sunday, September 4, 2016

Sabra's Spinach Parmesan Green Yogurt Dip

2 Tbsp. 40 Calories!!!  I rate this a 10+

I'm not sure I would have tried this product had it not been for a cardholder's special price at my Harris Teeter grocery store.  They listed it for $1.97 I decided to give it a try.  I bought the Spinach Parmesan because I had planned to make a new dish called San Francisco Scramble which has spinach as a main ingredient and thought the Sabra might make a good topping for the dish.  Boy was I right.  But not only is it good as a topping, it's delicious as a dip using veggies, chips, crackers, and get this - hamburgers!  I cooked a hamburger patty and topped it with the Sabra dip and didn't need anything else.  This stuff is wonderful!  Can't wait to try the other flavor - Farmer's Ranch.

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Aidells Chicken & Apple Smoked Chicken Sausage

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this product a 10.

I've never really cared for sausage made with anything but pork and now and then just maybe beef but... while at the grocery store they were giving away samples of Aidells Chicken & Apple Smoked Sausage.  It's gluten free and has no nitrates as well as being all natural.  After buying it I wasn't sure I made a good purchase so it stayed in the freezer for about a month.  I finally decided to give it a try and see just how good it might be but didn't want to make a dish that I put a lot of money nor time into.  That's when I decided to cook it with cabbage like I do other sausages.

I melted about 1/4 stick of salt free butter in a pot, added about 1/2 head of a medium cabbage (cut into chunks), 1 small onion (sliced) and 1/2 cup of water.  I brought it to a boil and turned it down to simmer, cooking for about 15 minutes.  Then I added the Aidells, cooking on med. high heat for about 10 minutes.

I wasn't sure how the apple taste would fit my taste buds so I was still reluctant about this dish.  Well I can now tell you that the apple and all the other tastes in this sausage was wonderful!  The cabbage with the onion was also a great addition.  If someone had made this dish and served it to me I would never have guessed that it was chicken.  This is a must try dish for anyone who wants a quick, delicious dish.  You can bet I'll be making this again.

Monday, February 22, 2016

McCormick Sesame Chicken Stir-Fry Skillet Sauce

I rate this product a 10!

This is a new product with Natural spices.  All you add is chicken and vegetables.  Well, I've tried seasoning packets before and never liked them but gave in to give this one a try.  I had some chicken that I had cooked the night before that needed to be used and hopefully this would be just what it needed.

Here is what you do.  You saute your chicken and veggies in oil and then add the sauce.  Simple!  Well since I already had my chicken cooked I eliminated that step.  The product doesn't tell you what 'vegetables' to use so I decided to use bell peppers, scallions and broccoli.  I sauted them until they were crispy done (about 5 minutes depending on how large your pieces are cut).  Then the chicken was added and sauce.  I  did add a few sesame seeds because I like a lot of them in my dish but nothing else - no salt, no pepper, etc.  To go with this I cooked a wild rice blend and served my chicken dish on top.

So how was the taste?  WONDERFUL!  I give this product a 10+!  It was simple, seasoned perfectly and quick.  I think I'll try a few other flavors of this product.

Saturday, February 20, 2016

Margaret Holmes - Simple Suppers Dirty Rice Fixins’

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this product an 8, and a 10 after I made an addition to the ingredients.

This is a simple dish to make.  You simply brown sausage, add a can of Margaret Holmes' Simple Suppers Dirty Rice Fixins' and cook until bubbly hot.  When I bought this I didn't read the meat that was to be added - the sausage - and when I decided to cook I found I didn't have any thawed but did have a package of Polska Kielbasa.  I cut it thin, fried and added the can of Rice Fixins'.  First taste didn't quite get me.  It had just a slight can flavor but since I had invested a full package of the Kielbasa I had to make it right.  What I really didn't like was the liquid.  I prefer a drier Dirty Rice.  Looking around the pantry I spotted a package of instant Loaded Potatoes.  Why not.  I sprinkled about 1/4 cup into my mixture and guess what - it was perfect.  And delicious!

Now that I've tried this with Kielbasa I now want to give it a try with the sausage.  So, give this one a try and simply 'Think With Your Taste Buds' if you don't like the original product.

Thursday, October 8, 2015

Munch Rights Cinnamon Apple Puffs

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this product a 15+

I've been gluten free for most of the year and am always looking for new gluten free products to try.  I frequently go to the Dollar Tree to purchase some of my shipping supplies and always scan through the whole store just to see what they might have that I didn't see the last time I was there.  When I went through the food section I spotted a bag of Cinnamon Apple Puffs.  The package says - 0g Trans Fat; No Preservatives; Gluten Free; and No MSG. Right up my taste alley.  I checked the other info and found they have 140 calories for about 47 pieces!; 1g of saturated fat; 15 mg sodium; and 3g of sugar.  And that $1.00 bag has 3 servings making them even more desirable.  So I bought a bag to try.

I couldn't wait to get them home and see if I had found a winner.  First bite I knew I had.  So far I've eaten them straight from the bag and last night I dipped them in my Cashew Butter for a taste that is  heavenly.

I loved this product so much that I went back to the store a few days later and bought 5 bags, just in case they run out and don't restock.  These aren't perfect for me but they are the perfect snack for kids.  They are soft and virtually melt in your mouth.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning

On a scale of 1 - 10 I rate this a 20!

Many of you know that I've been looking for the perfect Greek seasoning that matches that used in one of my favorite Greek owned restaurants.  Of course they won't tell me what they mix to get that delicious taste so I've been trying to create my own.  I mix this and that and have come pretty close but not quite.  It also takes a bit of time to gather all of the herbs and blend them just perfectly only to find you're running low on one meaning you have to run to the store to replenish.  It's also hard to take when you get ready to sprinkle that tasty mixture over the chicken or pork chops you're planning on baking for dinner and find that you don't have enough.

Well,  I've found the perfect solution!  I was in Walmart a couple weeks ago checking out the markdown items.  I spotted a container of Cavender's All Purpose Greek Seasoning and decided that since it was in the markdown I might as well give it a try.  Turns out it wasn't marked down at all.  Across from the markdowns were the spices.  Someone had stuck it back in the wrong place and boy am I glad they did!

This seasoning is perfect!!!!  I don't have to mix nor fix anything.  It has the perfect blend giving me the same taste I get from the restaurant.  I have a feeling they wouldn't give me the recipe for their seasoning because they use Cavender's too.

I've put this on my chicken and pork chops whether I'm baking or grilling.  I added some to my stew meat that went into my soup.  I can't wait to use it on cube steak to give it perfect taste.  With this you don't need salt, pepper, garlic or any other seasonings.  This has it all!  I also gave some to my neighbor and she put it in her mashed potatoes and sprinkled it on her broccoli.

Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Duncan Hines Perfect Size Cake Mix

I rate this product a 10+

When I first spotted this cake mix on the shelf I liked the idea of a smaller cake mix that would feed 2-4 people.  When I read that it comes with its own throwaway pan that made it even better.  Then I saw it also included the icing making it the full deal... but... normally when you see icing included you can bet there isn't enough so I felt sure you would be no where near enough to ice the cake.

Even though I was a little skeptical I went ahead and bought the Red Velvet Dream mix and yes I bought an extra container of Cream Cheese Frosting to fill in for the lack of what the box included. I took my mix home and found it really very simple to make.  The cake required 1 egg, 1/4 cup of water and 2 Tablespoons of butter.  The pan that came with it is 6" and looked like it would make the perfect size cake for my family of 2.  The icing I noticed was dry and it required 1 teaspoon of water and 4 Tablespoons of soft butter.  That too was simple enough to make.

So, how did my 'little' cake come out?  I have to say great!  I couldn't believe how much icing the package made - no I didn't have to use ANY of the extra that I bought.  The size came out to be about 6" across but it was as thick and maybe even a little thicker than what a 2 layer mix makes so it wasn't a thin layer.  As for taste - I'm not a chocolate lover but I have many friends who are and the 2 that were lucky enough to have a slice of my new 'little' cake wanted more.  They both agreed that it was moist and it is a mix that they will both be buying to make for themselves.

Now that I know how good this 'little' cake mix really is I plan on trying at least 2 of the other flavors - Lemon Bliss and Strawberries and Cream.  The both have to be delicious.