Tuesday, May 8, 2012


On a scale of 1 - 10 I give this product a 10! 

I'm from the south so chowchow is a staple in my home.  I put it on just about any kind of shelled bean or pea.  It's has a great combination of sweet as well as sour making it perfect and I can't wait every year to find someone that has just made some of this homemade goodness.

I now have another product that is equally as good for my beans and peas and it's Slawsa.  Slawsa is a gourmet topping for everything!  It's basically chowchow but a bit thicker with a slightly different taste.  It's sweet but not quite as sour with a couple of ingredients added that I've not found in chowchow before.  It's got just a slight 'kick' of heat that makes it perfect for not only my peas but also my hotdogs and hamburgers.  It even makes a delicious tartar sauce for fish.  Simply mix to your own taste with mayo and you're good to go.  Delicious!

So, where can you find Slawsa?  Simple - just click here Slawsa