Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Keebler Town House Sea Salt Pretzel Thins

On a scale of 1 - 10 I rate this product a 15+!

While walking through Walmart the other day I spotted these new crackers.  They are called Pretzel Thins and I love pretzels so I picked up a box to check it out further.  According to the package they are baked crackers that taste like pretzels.  When I saw the price, which I don't know if it was an introductory price or their regular price ($2.50), I decided to pick up a box.  Boy am I glad I did.

They do taste like pretzels.  They are crisp and crunchy with just the perfect amount of salt sprinkle.  They are thin but still thick enough to dip and maybe even top with a little chicken salad.  They go perfect with a salad and I'm even using them in place of bread with my meal.  Now I can't wait to use them in some of my recipes... like crushing some to coat baked fish... maybe crumbled and used as a crust in a dessert... and even sprinkle some on top of a casserole.

This is a product I believe anyone who likes pretzels and even just crackers would love.  Almost forgot, bet they would be good with soup too.

I do believe there is another flavor but I'm so hooked on the Sea Salt flavor that I haven't looked for nor tried any other flavor.