Monday, March 2, 2015

Urbane Grain - Quinoa Miso with Edamane & Scallions

I rate this product a 10!

OK, last time I posted my review for Quinoa Roasted Garlic and Herbs.  This time I'm reviewing the Urbane Grain's product Quinoa Miso with Edamain & Scallions.  As with the other flavor, this one is Gluten Free making it perfect for my diet.  When I read the 'flavor' I really wasn't sure how it would taste nor what to cook it with so I talked to a neighbor.  She tried to explain the Miso flavor to me but that is actually quite impossible to do  I had eaten Edamaine in a salad so I knew a little about that taste and of course I love scallions and cook with them frequently.  So, on the advice of my Food Tester and Friend Carol, I decided to use a pork tenderloin as my meat to go with this dish.

I butterflied my tenderloin and sprinkled the slit with garlic, rosemary, salt and pepper.  It cooked for about 4 hrs. in my slow cooker on med. high (this tenderloin was about 6" thick).  When it was done I removed it and strained the liquid.  1 1/2 cups of the liquid went back into the slow cooker along with the Quinoa which I cooked for about 30 minutes on med. high.  This time may vary depending on your cooker.  Now was it good?  You bet!  I could see how Carol couldn't describe the Miso flavor.  It is very unique but tasty.  And when you combine it with the edamane and scallions, you have a great dish that accompanied the pork perfectly.

Carol:  (This is what my Food Tester/Friend Carol had to say about this dish)  The slices of pork roast reasoned lightly with rosemary and garlic was a perfect marriage with the quinoa-miso flavored dish.  The smokiness and well-defined flavor of the quinoa was perfect to bring out the subtlety of the pork.  We love pork and are always looking for different recipes and this is one we will add to our regulars!

Food Tester Sharon:  All I can say is that I LOVED IT!  Please make it again.