Saturday, October 28, 2017

Farberware Oil-Less Fryer

On a scale of 1 - 10 I rate this product a 9+

While wandering around in Walmart I spotted the appliance section.  I always love to see what is new and watch the prices with hopes of maybe buying.  Well, I saw the Air Fryers and noticed that the Farberware was only $69.00.  Those advertised on TV are around $100+ so this was one of the lowest prices I had seen so far and I knew the brand was one I had bought before and trusted.  And since I had been wanting to try the Air Fryer since they first came out, that price was all it took for me to break down and buy the Farberware Oil-Less Fryer (Air Fryer). 

I couldn't wait to get home and try it out.  I was making Salmon Patties for dinner but didn't see a recipe for them in the cookbook that came with it.  There was, though, a recipe for crab cakes so I simply changed it up a bit and used salmon instead of crab.  They took about 10 minutes to cook and came out crispy on the outside and beautiful on the inside. 

Next I made Boneless Pork Chops.  I used the Country Fried Steak breading recipe but changed the outer crust to Panko instead of regular bread crumbs.  These came out crispy (not like country fried steak) and moist.  Delicious. 

Then came the wings.  These were simple to make.  You put the wings in the basket, cook for about 10 minutes, dredge in BBQ sauce, cook another 5 minutes, dredge in more BBQ sauce and cook another 5 minutes.  You won't believe how great these came out!  I've actually made these twice.

Clean up - It took me about 5 minutes to clean the basket and pan after making the wings and less after making the other dishes.  I can't wait to make even more delicious dishes using this HEALTHY piece of equipment. 

So, if this is so good why didn't I give it a 10?  The timer and temp buttons are hard to read, but not impossible.

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