Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Midwood Smokehouse - Central Ave., Charlotte, NC

I rate this food a 100+.  No that is not a mistake with an added 0.  It is a 100+.

Most of you already know that I'm from Georgia and if you know anything about those of us that grew up in the south you know that most of us love our Collards.  When I was a child my mother grew them every fall.  For a time, as an adult, I had the benefit of my own small garden and you can bet I had Collards in the fall.  Now that I'm living smaller and without the room I can't wait to hit the markets in the fall to get my fresh collards.  The rest of the year I rely on those shipped in from wherever or as a last resort I'll buy frozen.  Yes... I love my collards.

For years I thought my collards were the best.  I've tried those others have cooked and most are overcooked giving them a mushy texture.  I like that little crunch in mine.  I've always seasoned with pork - ham bones, ham hocks, just about any pork that is seasoned with a little smoke.  Other than salt that is all I've ever added to my collards when cooking.  Then I went to Midwood Smokehouse!  I ordered BBQ the 1st time and for my side I chose slaw.  Then I spotted a man eating a bowl of collards and decided to change my order.  Glad I did.

I really wish I had taken a camera with me so I could give you a true picture of the best collards ever.  You can't take a bite without getting a piece of meat.  It has just a hint of heat and just a bite of vinegar, plus I believe there is a little onion and possibly some garlic flavoring them.  Whatever it is, I could go in there and order nothing but collards and be in hog heaven for the rest of the day.  These are THE best collards I've ever eaten!  So for those of you who are lucky to live near them, don't pass up giving this dish a taste.  They are the BEST COLLARDS I'VE EVER PUT IN MY MOUTH!

Oh yeah - they serve you on a real plate!  And a pretty one too.