Wednesday, February 19, 2014

All Natural Cinnamon Sugar Cookie Chips

On a scale of 1 - 10 I rate this product a 15+!!!

While at my local health food store I ran across a bowl of cookies.  I took one and started eating it as I was walking away.  The more I ate the more my taste buds perked up.  I found that I had to go back and get a second cookie.  Same routine, I'm walking through the store eating this simply delicious cookie and found myself right back at the cookie bowl.  This time I picked up the bag to see how something this delicious could be healthy.  This is what I found.

No Trans Fats; No Preservatives; No GMOs; No Artificial Flavors or Colors; 130 calories per serving of 6 cookies!  Of course I had to buy a bag.  Then I read the actual description of the cookie.  'We start by adding a hint of cinnamon to our Original Cookie Chip dough, then we hand dust them with pure cinnamon and cane sugar for the ultimate cinnamony crunch experience.  We use only whole ingredients, just like you would if you baked them at home.'

These cookies are the best!  They come in other flavors like Chocolate Chip and Sea Salted Peanut Butter which I will be trying very soon.  If you can't find these at your local health food store, try their website