Sunday, July 3, 2011

Bush's Best Grillin' Beans

On a scale of 1 - 10 I give these beans a 10!

I know these have been out for some time but this is the 1st time I've posted about them.  I've tried several of the flavors - Bourbon  Brown Sugar, Smokehouse Tradition, and Southern Pit BBQ, and liked them all, but my favorite has to be the Steakhouse Recipe.  They are sweetened with brown sugar and steak sauce with actual pieces of real onion mixed in with the beans.  Price wise I have to say that they are a bit higher than most baked beans but they are worth every penny.  Here in NC they run from $1.89 to as low as $1.50 on sale and that's for a 22 oz. can.  I would like to see them come out in a little smaller can.  22 ounces is a bit much for 1 - 2 people.  But they are still just as good the next day.

I have to also admit that I haven't made homemade baked beans since trying my 1st can.